USS Vortex Fitness Challenge


Region 1 and the First Brigade have historically hosted a fitness challenge … what I will be doing is part of the Presidential Fitness Awards and as such have set-up a separate group on their as part of this initiative …

For anyone who wishes to join in … this is the boiler plate thing they send out:


I’ve just joined the President’s Challenge, and I’d like you to join me! What’s the President’s Challenge, you ask? It’s a great way for you to be active and have fun. You can choose from two free challenges that will help you get on a healthy track for an opportunity to earn awards:

• The Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) challenge, which helps people make physical activity and healthy eating a part of their everyday lives
• Presidential Champions, which challenges you to be more active more often—the more active you are, the more points you’ll earn toward our awards

Join my group, and we’ll help you stay motivated. Here’s what you need to do:
• If you already have a President’s Challenge account, log in at and look up our group in the My Challenge application using the group number below.
• If you don’t have an account, create a free account at, choose which challenge you want to participate in, and look up our group in the My Challenge application using the group number below.

Group Number: 941624
Group Name: USS Vortex (Starfleet International – Region 1)

Once you join this group, you will be able to:
• Log your activities and earn points that will count toward our group’s total and will help you earn President’s Challenge awards
• See how you’re doing compared to other group members
• Interact with other members in our group forum
• Add a profile picture that will display in our group (or you can hide your information from other group members, if you prefer)
• Get even more motivated to be active and healthy!

See you soon!


Talk to you all later,

BDR Christopher “Lightbringer” Bayonet, SFMD

New Member Joins the USS Vortex

To those that know Kevin Plummer has recently joined our crew here on the USS Vortex. He is a friend from another Organization and has already dove into studies at the Academy having taken and passed his Officer Training School as well as having assumed leadership of Strike Team Gamma (Yes we really are up that high now in Strike Teams) and has asked to lead the Communications Department onboard.

Jumping into all of this and having taken and completed OTS … Kevin is hereby installed as a part of the USS Vortex as the rank of Ensign.

Any of our members who also would like to be promoted to Ensign/2nd Lieutenant. Please request, take and complete OTS at your soonest. It is available through the FAC program at Starfleet Academy, so there is no wait. As soon as your grade posts your promotion to Ensign (or 2nd Lieutenant if using Marine ranks) will be completed.

Congratulations Ensign Plummer.

The Captains Private Reserve of Meade shall be open in the Officer’s Lounge to celebrate. All Senior NCO’s are also invited to join us for the festivities.

Updated E-Mail Addresses for Ship, CO and XO

The Staff and Crew of the USS Vortex would like to thank Vice Admiral Laura Victor of Starfleet Computer Operations for her assistance with a few “housekeeping” duties of the USS Vortex.

The Good Admiral has set up not only our domain forwarding of (which is something that all chapters can partake of); she has also set up the following e-mail address forwards for us:

  • which will go to the Commanding Officer, BDR Christopher “Lightbringer” Bayonet
  • which will go to the Executive Officer, BDR Michael J. Timko III
  • which will go to both the Commanding and Executive Officers.
    Great if you just need to reach one of us, but not anyone in particular.

Vice Admiral Laura Victor, the staff and crew appreciate your hardwork and dedication to helping those chapters who seek your wisdom, asssistance and guidance.